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Dance Salsa Lessons


Hi everyone, Dance Salsa has put this page together to give you helpful dance information. Keep looking as we add new information for you. Don’t forget our video section too as we will start adding basic teaching videos to help you learn to salsa dance. Don’t stick to our routines outside class, they are just idea’s to help you become creative in developing your own routines and confidence. Below are some top tips for everyone.


Shoes - Wear comfortable easy slide shoes. When you know you like salsa dancing, we can advise you of suitable dance shoes and where to buy from. Anyone learning salsa dancing with us, as their wedding dance, we can advise you of suitable footwear.

Clothes - Wear loose fitting (or stretchy material) comfortable clothing for ease of movement when learning to salsa dance. Again, for those of you learning your wedding dance with us, we can discuss wedding dresses and suitable salsa dance moves.

Warming up - Before salsa dancing, warm up to help avoid potential muscle damage and stiffness.

Cooling down - always cool down as the heart slows down after, to help avoid stiff tight achy muscles if you have been doing a lot of dancing

Music - When learning to salsa dance, some music has an easily identified beat and some doesn’t. The more you listen to salsa music, the easier it is to find the beat in complicated music tracks. Alot of salsa dancing music is fast. This helps increase fitness, gets the body’s endorphins going (makes you feel good) and helps your confidence grow. Slower music enables you to style fully and perfect your salsa dance techniques.

Eye contact - many people when learning to salsa dance, look at the floor, worried they will forget the steps. This is not the case. Looking at your partner develops self-confidence much quicker, improves your skill and helps you build a strong rapport with other salsa dancers. This enables you to enjoy successful salsa dancing from the start.

Leading and following - When a male lead dances with a female follower (This also applies to same sex dancing partners), they will need to give “leads”. These are signals that allow the follower to know the next step (without being told). “Dance Salsa” teaches you the salsa dancing leads.

Attitude - Understandably, everyone is nervous at first when salsa dancing. Gain confidence, speed up your learning and loose the nerves by dancing with others. Everyone at “Dance Salsa” is happy to dance with you so no fear of being turned down. Everyone at “Dance Salsa” is also happy to help with the steps or routines being taught.

Feet - Its always worth remembering, the faster the salsa music, the smaller your steps should be. Keep feet close to the floor. Only lift the heel. Pretend the ball of your foot is stuck to the floor so you have to slide your feet back and forth to get you into the habit of correct foot movement for salsa dancing.

Weight transfer - When salsa dancing, fully transfer your body weight to the appropriate leg and foot as you dance, to enable correct movement, to keep time with the salsa music and be aware of which foot you be on. Pointing or shuffling feet creates confusion and loss of the beat.

Partner awareness - When salsa dancing, be aware of your partner to enable better salsa dancing partnerships. Bear in mind their height. Don’t stretch limbs to far with short people and avoid huge steps unless your partner has long legs so is able to comfortably follow, so you both keep time with the music and one another.

Body and arm tension - Always keep a little tension in the body and arms when salsa dancing. If you stretch too much or the body is too flimsy, you will not be able to move properly so mis-leads occur.

Hip movement - Salsa dancers never push their hips when dancing so they avoid body damage. Good hip action is required but it is a natural occurrance for leads and followers. It happens automatically by lifting the heel of one leg (thus bending it) and straightening the other leg simultaneously and then swopping actions to opposing legs.


Its been a busy year teaching everyone but we have really enjoyed it. Everyone is coming on leaps and bounds as well. We ended our teaching year by having a little  party to which everyone turned up and a great time was had by all. We look forward to seeing all our oldies and all the newbies that will join us next year whether you have danced elsewhere or you are a total beginner. My most favorite thing about this years teaching has to be the fact that we have met some amazing and friendly people along the way.

Don’t forget, our NEXT BEGINNERS CLASS will be starting on APRIL 30th, see you there.

We are dancing again this year for our fave charity SPACE (special needs multi-sensory centre) and at the charity event we will also be teaching a basic salsa lesson. Tickets are £5, 7pm till late, with other dance styles, a Dj and a bar. So come & join us on Friday 27th April at the BAC / EE social club in Preston. Call the following for tickets: For tickets call SPACE 01772 760 403.
For directions see

Watch out here for news of when our next beginners class starts, as it will be soon

Don’t forget if you are new to salsa, although Dance Salsa runs a basic beginners class approx every six weeks (Monday eves 7pm), you don’t have to wait to join us. You can visit us whenever you wish, meet some really friendly people and have a great time.

A quick update regarding what’s going on with training! Dance Salsa are attending a level 5 safe dance training course. This ensures we keep up to date for you.

Yet again for the third year in succession, Dance Salsa has been invited back to Thames to teach all the young people

Dance Salsa had an amazing time at this years SPACE event. The event was packed out. Look out for our video to be added soon, so you can get an idea of our performances

This next one is definitely worth going to see. For more information, please go to



It’s wise to avoid short or tight fitting skirts as these restrict your movement and short skirts may reveal what you don’t want to reveal. Avoid tight fitting tops for the same reasons.

As followers you never lead or decide the steps/routine, The male lead always does this.

Followers always carry their own body weight and don’t lean on the lead, unless in a drop, dip or lift of some sort.

Most of your salsa dance time should be spent with your hands loosely held around the waist area. This enables the lead to find your hands relatively easily most of the time. As you progress we will teach you moves where this is not the case, but “Dance Salsa” will show you how to dance successfully.


You always decide the steps and routine you will dance with a follower.

Leads always carry their own body weight and don’t lean on or over the follower.

You need to support your follower at all times when salsa dancing, especially if doing a drop, dip or lift of some kind.


There are many styles of salsa dancing. Some examples are Rueda, Cuban, New York, Los Angeles, Puerto Rican and Columbian. There are many differences between each salsa dance style including dancing on a different beat of the music, dancing in a linear or circular dance motion and supported or double act shines.



What People Say?

Friendly people. Clear and precise instructions for the moves. - Jackie from Lytham